2020 Travel Plans & Bucket List

It felt like I was constantly on the go on 2019 but let me tell you, 2020 is stacking up to blow last year out of the water… we’re not even a month into the new year and I’m already on my third trip!*** I’m literally writing this from the skies above, about to land at JFK. The reason for all the travel is largely work related, but I never pass up an opportunity to squeeze in some play time too. Here’s what’s on my calendar for the rest of the year…

***wrote this on the plane then my computer stopped charging (fun!) and subsequently took a little vacay to apple repair so it’s been a week since I actually wrote this.

IMG-0628{ they hate it when i pack :( }


IMG-0501{ right before my panel went on! }

I kicked off the new year with a road trip to Palm Springs for CW3’s Confidence Summit. I had such a great time speaking on a panel about the importance of building your network. I also snuck in a few meetings with our financial advisor and a couple of potential investors. We stayed at L’Horizon, which I sadly wouldn’t recommend. Beautiful property but the service and hospitality left a lot to be desired.

IMG-0499{ a very beautiful, veryyy cold desert morning }

After a quick trip to the desert it was off to my home state of Texas for some market work. I had three wonderful days of You & Yours ride-alongs in Houston and San Antonio. I hadn’t been to San Antonio since I was a kid and wow had it changed! I stayed at the stunning Hotel Emma and don’t think I’ll ever stay anywhere else in San Antonio again.

IMG-0561{ such a beautiful room… and the service was wonderful }

IMG-0543{ all of our canned cocktail flavors at a Spec’s liquor store in Texas! }

As mentioned above, I’m circa 25 minutes from touchdown at JFK. Even though it’s going to be absolutely freezing, I couldn’t be more excited to back in NYC for the week. Apart from a huge HUGE meeting tomorrow and my first wedding dress fitting Thursday (!!!) I don’t have many plans. Hoping to eat lots of delicious food and perhaps break Dry January a few days early :). Also staying at The Plaza for the first time so that should be a treat.


{ off to pre-dinner drinks in NYC in a Gal Meets Glam coat & dress }

IMG-0680{ a little pre-airport Lobster Roll at the Plaza Food Hall }


Perhaps the trip I’m MOST excited about right now is my snowy winter wonderland bachelorette coming up in mid-Feb. Eight of us are headed to a big cabin in Oregon for lots of wine tasting, cooking, snow-shoeing, snow-tubing and general debauchery! I’ll probably recap it for the blog as I’m kind of obsessed with our itinerary. Should be one for the books.

Almost immediately upon returning home from Oregon, I’m off again for a purely fun trip with two other couples to Idaho! I’ve never been to that part of the world so I’m doubly as excited. Plus, this Southern California-dweller will get some good use of all those warm clothes I’m currently acquiring for Oregon lol. Brrrrr.

After that, it’s some peace and quiet for a bit, as Luke is off on his bachelor party trip to Tulum & Mexico City (wtf).


In early March, we’ll be headed back to Boston and the east coast for more Y&Y sales. This time we’re headed to Rhode Island and the Cape too, which I’ve never visited before so I’m really looking forward to it. I’m heading East a little early on this trip to speak at another conference, this time it’s the Female Founders Summit being put on by our PR Team and For Now. I’ll be speaking on fundraising – how to figure out how much money you need for your business and how to get it (no pressure). Raising capital is something I have a love/hate relationship with. It’s tedious, uncomfortable and exhausting but ultimately downright addicting. Fun fact, I credit my comfort with raising money to one of my very first jobs – working as a recurring donations intern in college at Invisible Children. I’d be on the phones all day asking people to increase their monthly donations or update their credit card details. It was less than exhilarating work but taught me that asking for money isn’t something to be scared of as long as the value and positive intention are there.

Not sure when it’s going to happen but I’m hoping to squeeze in a little trip back to Charleston, SC at some point in March. I made the mistake of taking Luke in the dead of summer last time a.k.a. humidity city, so hoping I can show him what a beautiful destination it really is without having to duck into AC every five minutes.

Then we’re off to Big Sur for our dear friends’ wedding! I can’t wait for this one. They’ve rented a gorgeous home/estate on the cliff for their ceremony and perhaps the best part is we get to stay there with them for all the weekend festivities. My favorite wedding I’ve ever been to was in Big Sur so I’m sure this one will breathtaking as well.


The wedding countdown is on so trying to get as much work under my belt as possible beforehand. I’ll be heading back to Texas in early April, this time to Dallas & Austin, for more market work.

Time to get married! We’re headed to the Bahamas in late April for our wedding celebrations. More on that some other time :)


OOO – Honeymoon time. Since we both run our own businesses (multiple in fact, for both of us) and have rather grueling responsibilities day-to-day, we decided to take a full month off. From everything! After our wedding we’re heading right down the the Caribbean for a solid three weeks or so of bliss. I’ll share more of our honeymoon plans in another post :)

June, July, August

Not many summer plans apart from getting back to work and settling into our home after the renovations are done (fingers crossed!).


My oldest, dearest, sweetest friend is getting married in IRELAND! Can’t wait. This year is going to absolutely fly by….

October, November, December

Nothing to report just yet aside from the fact that I’m already looking forward to spending the holidays in our fully finished house. This past year things were kind of a construction zone so couldn’t really entertain like I’d hoped. This year however the game is on!

No real “bucket list” hopes for this year (considering we have an epic wedding and honeymoon planned) other than once again putting in my request for an inaugural trip to Montana! LUKE WILL THIS BE THE YEAR?!?!?

What about you guys, where are you headed this year? Tell me in the comments below.  XO, LKJ

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