TGIF! It’s A Day in the Life! Quarantine Edition :) Here’s what my Friday (3/27) looked like —

IMG_1663{ dezi thinks there are no rules during lockdown }

woke up to the sound of our housekeeper knocking on the door at 8 am, whoops. (yes, keeping 6 ft between us! and yes, tipping her FAT)

scrolled IG for far too long (are you following @BeckyRobinson, Y or N?)

tidied up our room for the housekeeper (just me?) 

threw towels in the wash

made coffee (Nespresso vanilla pod + TJ’s coconut creamer + cinnamon)

felt overwhelmingly compelled to look up “small backyard for entertaining” ideas on Pinterest (see also: our house reno inspo board!)

checked email; marked the ones I don’t want to deal with right now unread

answered texts from friends…

…which led to browsing online sales for wedding lewks (not to worry, I now have 7 months instead of 1 to impeccably style myself for each and every second of my destination nuptials) 

changed into real clothes and by real clothes I mean yoga pants and a pullover

made a ham & chive scramble

perused a few blogs I love…

 …which led to going down a rabbit hole of Trader Joe’s hacks on Cup of Jo

 made a second coffee (which I never finish but always think is a good idea)

 it’s 11 am and time to tackle the emails I don’t particularly like atm:

  • SBA disaster relief loan status update (in review)
  • payroll / sick time / unemployment guidelines for small business owners during this crisis
  • people (who i love dearly and appreciate beyond measure) replying to our “save the NEW date” wedding paperless post
  • a half ass explanation as to why our business interruption insurance policy for Y&Y doesn’t cover the gd mf’ing coronavirus
  • TLC greens keeper letting us know he’s been kicking people off the (completely closed) course left right and center; one of which was a homeless person who pulled a knife on him?

read the NYT Morning Briefing

set an alarm for when the city of San Diego’s small business relief loan program goes live later tonight

 looked over our new Y&Y merch site before sending it live! we can ship, people!

 microwaved said second coffee (really need that mug that keeps things hot)

 worked on a few blog posts

 big walk around da ‘hood

 IG scroll #2

 postmated some lunch

 watched YT videos while waiting on lunch, specifically this one


 ~ emailz ~

brainstormed where we can secretly elope to once this is all over

debated whether or not 3:20 pm is too early to start drinking

pondered which pizza(s) I will order from Tribute tonight (Brooklyn’s Best & Dirty Dancin’ duh)

 *7:30 pm update* ^^^ lost track after that… some rosé and a jacuzzi were involved. stay safe y’all & have a corona-free wknd XO, LKJ


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