One Year.

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Where to begin!

I’m smiling as I write this, thinking about all the fun we had at our one year anniversary party last Thursday night! It was so humbling and inspiring to see all the familiar faces at the distillery, everyone there to celebrate this huge milestone with us! I feel so fortunate to have made it this far and to have accomplished so much in just twelve short months. It’s the best feeling.

Although it feels like both just ten days and ten years since we finally opened our doors last year, I wouldn’t trade the last twelve months for anything. The first year sure had it’s challenges – seemingly endless construction woes, a lawsuit, the inevitably high turnover rate of hospitality industry employees, learning how to build and manage a team, and a crash course in both supply chain management and production logistics.

For all the lessons learned though, we had a hell of a lot of wins too! Nailing down distribution within our first six months, solidifying over 100 (and growing!) accounts across the state, bucket list blog and media features, releasing a third spirit, dozens of cocktail menu placements, hiring our first full-time sales rep, and perhaps most exciting of all, purchasing a semi-automated bottling line! It’s the little things, lol. For more of my favorite moments from last year, read this post

Since I’m too excited to put any more coherent thoughts together (and in Kaua’i for our friends’ wedding!), I thought I’d answer a few questions about what we have in store for the year to come!

What else are you releasing this year? Coming up we have our Old Tom Gin releasing sometime in May (rich, malty, slightly sweet and spicy), Summer Gin in June (my version of a Hendrick’s-style gin: Meyer lemon, cucumber, lemongrass and mint!), and an Italian-style Amaro later on in the fall.

What’s next for the tasting room? We’re building out our outdoor patio so you can enjoy our flights and cocktails in a sunny, outdoor setting! Aaaannnnddd we’ll be squeezing in a small kitchen in the back (somehow, lol) so that we can finally offer some proper small plates to go with those delicious cocktails. Think Southern-inspired tapas and elevated bar food favorites featuring local San Diego ingredients.

Plans to expand? Why yes, I’m glad you asked! We’ve got our eyes on a 5000 sq. ft warehouse just a few blocks away from our existing location, where we’ll be able to store raw materials, finished product, and eventually, increase production with a new still! Stay tuned for a formal announcement in the coming weeks.

That’s all I’ve got for now, but please leave any other questions in the comments, on Facebook, or DM me on Instagram and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!

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