Summer Cherry Boulevardier

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Nothing says summer quite like the first bags of cherries at the farmers market. I used to hoover through a bag a day as a kid and I have to say, my love for them has only grown stronger as I’ve grown older.

Although cherry season (in North America) begins in April and peaks in June, I’ve been enjoying this cocktail for months now thanks to Leopold Bros. Tart Cherry Liqueur. I use it in place of sweet vermouth in a typical Boulevardier recipe (my favorite whiskey cocktail) and garnish with a cherry or a few blueberries instead of the standard orange peel. These have been my go-to night cap all summer and honestly, I don’t think I ever want to go back to regular vermouth in my Boulevardiers again!

The Montmorency tart cherries Leopold Bros. uses in their liqueur keep the drink from being too saccharine while the jammy quality plays well off the bitter liquor. In effort to keep it all in the family, I used Leopold Bros. Aperitivo, which I reviewed here last week. If you’re wondering, I promise Leopold Bros. is not sponsoring this post in any way! I just happen to be a huge fan and always have at least one of their spirits in heavy rotation.

Given cherry season and my recent obsession with this twist on a classic, I thought 4th of July would be the perfect time to finally share this cocktail idea with you. Can you imagine sitting outside under the stars, watching fire works and sipping on one of these?! Talk about Independence Day #goals. Happy 4th, everyone.

Cherry Boulevardier. Makes one drink.



  1. In a mixing glass combine whiskey, bitter liquor and cherry liqueur. Add ice.
  2. Using a bar spoon stir for 20-30 seconds, keeping the back of the spoon flush with the inside of the glass.
  3. Using a hawthorne strainer, strain liquid into a rocks, DOF or coupe glass (large format ice cube optional)
  4. Garnish as desired and enjoy!


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