Summer Inspiration: Watermelon Cocktails

IMG_9796{ sneak peek at an upcoming project! photo by the sensationally talented Caroline }

I recently had the opportunity to contribute some content for a print piece on working with watermelon in cocktails (will share more soon!) and thought I’d share my research/inspiration with you. Watermelon is super easy and versatile to use in drinks because it blends up into such a nice liquid texture. Here are seven watermelon libations that caught my eye!

Heads up, when looking for watermelon cocktail recipes, almost all pair the sweet summer fruit with spice (like jalapeños or serranos) or mint, but watermelon also pairs beautifully with berries, other types of melon and even lavender or rose water!


1. A fun spin on a classic: white rum-spiked Watermelon Mint Lemonade from Host the Toast


2. Gushing over Claire’s Spicy Watermelon Mint Agua Fresca – BYO tequila or mezcal


3. This gorgeous Watermelon Strawberry Citrus Sangria from Joy the Baker has me giddy.


4. My personal fave: Watermelon Gin Punch with lime and – you guessed it! – mint, from Love + Cupcakes


5. A stunning Watermelon Jalapeño Vodka Spritzer made with strawberry kombucha from the gals at Goldwire


6. Fun Watermelon Lime Granita from Lemon Stripes – her recipe is alcohol-free but would be so good with a splash of tequila or even champagne!


7. The prettiest ROSE SALT-RIMMED Watermelon Lavender Margaritas, need I say more?

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